Friday, September 5, 2008

Here I be

So I'm back. I didn't realize that I hadn't posted since um.....March? Wow. Did you miss me? Yeah, probably not so much.

I went away to reconsider what it was I really was interested in blogging about. I felt as though this blog was going to need some kind of focus. So off and on I've thought about how a blog, this blog could be a reflection of me that had a focus of interest, finally I came to the conclusion that isn't possible for me. I have far to many interests and thoughts in various arenas to stymie my self in that fashion.

Speaking of fashion! This is a really great idea and I would snatch one up in a hot second, if they weren't you know, hundreds of dollars.

So anyway. I was wondering if blogging is indeed narcissistic as some people have accused. I think that is silly, well because.....who wants to be a narcissist? I really just want to blog because I love to share, silly thoughts, rude thoughts, things I've read or made, sweet moments in life with my sweet tiny girl Fiona, my husband's antics, life in the country, and my love of profanity, fashion, interiors, art and books. And some other stuff.

I'm really just dedicating myself to be myself, as random as that may be.
Today, this really got my goat. (beware strange hillbilly type colloquialisms)

The wholesale slaughter of America's wild horse herds.

Since I have been away so long and didn't really know the ins and outs of blogging, there will be I am quite sure some sort of continuance of said ignorance while I take the time to actually figure out posting of pics and links and whatnot.

See round the webnets!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


I haven't posted in a bit. I've been trying to figure out where I want to go with this blog. What is it's purpose? I had hoped it would be sewing and craft related, or about family and raising children, or about food and sharing of food with friends. Then I started thinking about how interested I am in interiors and fashion and astrology and spirituality and books and music and technology and so on and so forth. I am still trying to deconstruct my expectations and my wishes and find a happy medium. Or maybe I should be little miss random. Honestly that is more like me, interested in everything. While I ponder this, I will let you in on a wonderful cheese secret.

Eight years ago I had the blessed opportunity to have an impromptu dinner of cheese, wine and European cigarettes whilst enjoying the very late night air of Spring on a balcony overlooking the Potomac and the illuminated monuments of our country. I tasted a cheese that night that had a kind of stinky aroma but tasted like the firmaments. I looked for this cheese everywhere I went where cheese might be and never found it again. Last night, I found some. It is Explorateur. Here is what the Gourmet Cheese of the Month Club has to say about this magical cheese:

Triple Crème Cheeses Should Only Be Eaten With Good Friends.

This unbelievable cheese, made in the Isle de France region, is the most decadent and indulgent cheese experience you will ever encounter. Explorateur was created by the French in honor of the first US satellite, Explorer One. Such acute differences in cultural expressions always amaze me! In America, surely we named something after Explorer One. Please let us know if you aware of anything that commemorates this extraordinary milestone here in our country! On the other hand, the French who simply appreciated our efforts, created a magnificent cheese in honor of Explorer One, a high point of human achievement.

A full pound of Explorateur will easily serve 12 people. Triple Crème cheeses are the creamiest, and most luxurious of all French Cheeses. They are made by adding extra crème to the fresh curd used to make soft-ripened cheeses. By law these cheeses must contain at least 75% butterfat… not a good thing if you are watching your weight, but enjoy anyway. A little cheese won’t sabotage your resolve. Triple crème cheeses are cured for about three weeks before they develop a very thin, downy rind. Among the most famous are French Saint Andre, Explorateur, Brilliat Savarin, and Pierre Robert.

When ripe, Explorateur’s ivory interior has a delicate aroma, and a salty, mushroomy tang… a delicately piquant flavor that reminds me of buttery baked hazelnuts. Explorateur is usually served as an appetizer with Champagne, Bordeaux, or dry, fruity white wines, and crusty French bread. Often it’s served at the end of a meal as a dessert accompanied by a medley of ripe, fresh fruit.

Explorer 1
Explorer was launched on JAN 31’ 58 following the Soviet Sputnik, and at that time it was embarrassing for Americans to “catch up” to the Russians. The U.S. Army launched Explorer One using a rocket that had been developed to test guided missile components.

Every 115 minutes, Explorer orbited Earth, 220 miles above the surface at its closest point, and 1580 miles at its farthest. It measured cosmic rays and micrometeorites, transmitting this data until February 28, 1958.

Explorer One proved that the Earth is surrounded by intense bands of radiation, now called the Van Allen radiation belts. You can see Explorer One at the Smithsonian Institution, National Air and Space Museum, Milestones of Flight Gallery.

I should probably mention at this point that I am powerless against cheese. I routinely come home from the Co-op with at least four different cheeses, and that is always with valiant restraint. I actually ate so much of the Explorateur last night that I still have a stomach ache, but it was well worth it.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Big Time

From the Future Past, originally uploaded by Deer Dominique.

This is Malcolm, my Husband. At first I thought the photo would speak for itself, and it does, but I'm not entirely sure what it is saying, so I thought I would clarify.

Now I'm thinking that since my only blog reader is my husband, I would make this an homage to his greatness.

There are myriad profound ways that Malcolm has influenced and changed my life, all for the better. This is not about those things, he knows what they are.

He taught me how to like Gin and Tonic.
He taught me to love cats.
He loves me just the way I am, seriously.
He wants me to be happy, really.
He makes me laugh like no other person on earth can.
He doesn't take himself seriously (as if the picture didn't spell that out for you).
He is kind, generous and patient to a near fault.
He cooks food that tastes like love is an ingredient.
He never complains, about anything.
He loves and cherishes our daughter beyond measure.
He is an amazing father.
He is super intelligent, but kind of doesn't realize it.
He will be totally embarrassed by this list.

I am oh so lucky to be his partner in life.
I Heart you Big Time Malcolm

Monday, January 14, 2008

Tony the Cat

This is Tony, he is a cat. I know he looks like a raccoon or some other woodland creature, but he is a cat. He is a huge cat, not just fat, enormous.

So I have much to do today that I haven't started yet, I've been too busy getting juiced up on coffee, now I've over done it. Time to move! So, off I go to pack us up for our five hour car ride and ten day stay in Sacramento with Miss Fi's Grandparentals.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Organizing the ole Noggin

Blogging with out pictures is just kind of boring, don't ya think? I guess if this blog had loads of loyal readers you might put up with it once in awhile. I'm currently working on adding content to this blog. You know blogroll and such. Fiona and I will be going out of town for ten days starting on Tuesday, so we'll see how the blogging goes. I know we will have lots of pictures to share when we get back. We plan on spending as much time as possible outside, walking to parks, coffee and the library. We don't get to do that here unless we get in the car and drive into town.

I'm trying to get our travel needs organized in my head today, there is a lot to think about when traveling with a toddler. Oh yeah, I should think of some creative projects to take with me. What to take, what to take? I haven't knit or crochet in quite awhile, or I could take embroidery, and some drawing materials I think. I've got some ideas I should get out, make some room up there in the ole noggin. Oh yeah and a book or two. I'm off to make breakfast.

Be seeing you.

Such a Sweet Little Scene

I love coming across these little bits of cuteness left by my wee girl. Amongst the sometime chaos of a home with a toddler in it, there are these little stages set, played with and then just left.

We have since this picture rearranged our living room. It is so much more functional! We used the couch to divide the long room, so now Fiona has a separate play area. Changing a room around is so refreshing.