Sunday, January 13, 2008

Organizing the ole Noggin

Blogging with out pictures is just kind of boring, don't ya think? I guess if this blog had loads of loyal readers you might put up with it once in awhile. I'm currently working on adding content to this blog. You know blogroll and such. Fiona and I will be going out of town for ten days starting on Tuesday, so we'll see how the blogging goes. I know we will have lots of pictures to share when we get back. We plan on spending as much time as possible outside, walking to parks, coffee and the library. We don't get to do that here unless we get in the car and drive into town.

I'm trying to get our travel needs organized in my head today, there is a lot to think about when traveling with a toddler. Oh yeah, I should think of some creative projects to take with me. What to take, what to take? I haven't knit or crochet in quite awhile, or I could take embroidery, and some drawing materials I think. I've got some ideas I should get out, make some room up there in the ole noggin. Oh yeah and a book or two. I'm off to make breakfast.

Be seeing you.

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