Friday, September 5, 2008

Here I be

So I'm back. I didn't realize that I hadn't posted since um.....March? Wow. Did you miss me? Yeah, probably not so much.

I went away to reconsider what it was I really was interested in blogging about. I felt as though this blog was going to need some kind of focus. So off and on I've thought about how a blog, this blog could be a reflection of me that had a focus of interest, finally I came to the conclusion that isn't possible for me. I have far to many interests and thoughts in various arenas to stymie my self in that fashion.

Speaking of fashion! This is a really great idea and I would snatch one up in a hot second, if they weren't you know, hundreds of dollars.

So anyway. I was wondering if blogging is indeed narcissistic as some people have accused. I think that is silly, well because.....who wants to be a narcissist? I really just want to blog because I love to share, silly thoughts, rude thoughts, things I've read or made, sweet moments in life with my sweet tiny girl Fiona, my husband's antics, life in the country, and my love of profanity, fashion, interiors, art and books. And some other stuff.

I'm really just dedicating myself to be myself, as random as that may be.
Today, this really got my goat. (beware strange hillbilly type colloquialisms)

The wholesale slaughter of America's wild horse herds.

Since I have been away so long and didn't really know the ins and outs of blogging, there will be I am quite sure some sort of continuance of said ignorance while I take the time to actually figure out posting of pics and links and whatnot.

See round the webnets!

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