Sunday, February 3, 2008

Big Time

From the Future Past, originally uploaded by Deer Dominique.

This is Malcolm, my Husband. At first I thought the photo would speak for itself, and it does, but I'm not entirely sure what it is saying, so I thought I would clarify.

Now I'm thinking that since my only blog reader is my husband, I would make this an homage to his greatness.

There are myriad profound ways that Malcolm has influenced and changed my life, all for the better. This is not about those things, he knows what they are.

He taught me how to like Gin and Tonic.
He taught me to love cats.
He loves me just the way I am, seriously.
He wants me to be happy, really.
He makes me laugh like no other person on earth can.
He doesn't take himself seriously (as if the picture didn't spell that out for you).
He is kind, generous and patient to a near fault.
He cooks food that tastes like love is an ingredient.
He never complains, about anything.
He loves and cherishes our daughter beyond measure.
He is an amazing father.
He is super intelligent, but kind of doesn't realize it.
He will be totally embarrassed by this list.

I am oh so lucky to be his partner in life.
I Heart you Big Time Malcolm

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LINDSAY said...

thanks for stopping by my blog. Your kind comments are much appreciated. Your husband poses like mine! Funny guys :)